Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, dear DOTCOM and all my friends! This 2009 year was year of victories and I learnt many good and useful things. I can say that this New Year is also 1st anniversary of my blog and DOTCOM. So, I'm very proud of all of you my friends. Let this new 2010 year be better and all of you be happier and more succesful.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mobile eyes. Mania of games.

Here is video made by Lilit and me. The actor is Lilit's brother. I know this isn't the best film, but however I think it's ok. The film is about harm of video games and children. Children are our future and we must think about their health. Video games, mania of video games is a really important issue today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

DOTCOM Phase #3, Module 2 - Exploring REEL BAD ARABS

So, arabs! The first thing on my mind is and an ancient and smart people, caravans, deserts, fairytales, palaces and chess. Many things :-) So why? Because arabs are very ancient nation, with great history. And all we use arabic numbers now. I read and heard a lot of stories and fairytales about arabs and beautiful palaces and people. And finally "chess", because arabian countries are one of the firsts where chess became popular.
Now about "Bad arabs". I watched the film for 4-5 times and each time I saw it, I've found something new. I mean, this is a powerful movie and it's very interesting to analize it.


1. REPTILIAN (instinctual). So at the begining the arabic nice music makes me remember fairytales about arabs and I imagine a big palace and a desert, the I heard the word "arab", and remembered everything about arabs. Then I heard and saw shooting people and I feared a bit. Then I heard the word "mythology" and it makes me feel something mythically and I saw "Aladin", I remembered it from childhood. And then at the end I saw credits and a name "Dr. Jack Shaheen" and I remembered our Shahen :-)

2. FEELING (limbic). From the begining the arabian music and pictures of arabs made a coloring of ancient arabs and mythology. Then I saw the talking man. He spoke about stereotypes and arabs. Then I heard and saw shooting people and then arabs like a characters in different movies. That make me to think more about arabs. And then part from "Aladin" and a song from it, which was about bad sides of arabs. And at the end I heard arabic music again and saw arabic children and thought:"Are these arabs really bad? Or maybe this is just stereotype?".

3. THINKING (neo-cortex) brains. I wrote some thing about neo-cortex above. So at the begining I read "A media foundation prodaction". And thought about media and then title: "Reel bad arabs. Hollywood vilifies a people." and also I heard about stereotypes. All these made me think about stereotypes I have, and stereotypes about arabs. I thought: "Yeah, really, media, Disney manipulate people and make stereotypes". Then the author talks about "Back to the future" and the idea that this film isn't about future, it's about past was interesting. And at the end the man said: "I am optimist! The stereotypes will change..." And I understood the idea of the film, yeah arabs aren't bad, this is just a stereotype.

2. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES. I think this a well-made video. The music at the begining and at the end is good. There is a man-author who talks all the time and his voice is very well. Then there are a lot of parts from various movies there and filmmakers did good editing.

3. PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES. So there are a lot of techniques there, but here are 3. Hyperball- during all film filmmakers use this, they shown arabs like very very bad people. Testimonial- "Alladin" is a very famous movie. And filmmakers used it like an example of a media about arabs. Big lie- lie however is a part of stereotypes, the biggest part, the film was about stereotypes, they used also big lie. And also there were a lot of nice pictures and videos adn music in the movie.

4. SUGGESTIONS. I think that filmmakers might use more interviews. This might help to show the problem of stereotypes better.

5. I recommend this film for viewing with friend and just with people because I think stereotypes are a problem and must fight against it. And again media can help us in this fight.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

As you know, in Armenia scholar year begins at the 1st of September, so me-Niko and Lilit decided to make a video about our class(we're classmates). Sorry, I haven't edited it as I'm very busy, but I think it's interesting, we made it remembering the Waitsfield school and missing all dotcomers!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Module #1: Some nice memories...

MISS YOU...these are the only word I can use to start writing about DOTCOM...

So now my answers, however at least I learnt a bit of English...But seriously, now remember our day in Vermont every day and I miss everything, our work and school, film, Metraux, Snowball, everything...

1. What proved the most challenging part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?
It's good question, I cannot say that movie making was difficult for me(maybe because of Tessa's help). The most challenging thing was to be awake first day in US. Haha, but seriously I think there weren't anything challenging, everything was easy with DOTCOM, because of help of each dotcomer. I don't know, maybe communication to other dotcomers at first days, but everything was great!

2. What proved the most rewarding part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?
I can say "the film night" now and it was, because then you see that people like the work you did it's really very plesant...but all the program, each metting and discussion, each day in school or at home was special in it's own way and all the time was very rewarding.

3. What proved the most fun part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?
The most fun part was, was hand-shake...hahahaha, it was great! All program was funny, very funny, of course each day with David and Jacob was great...miss you guys!

4. What are you most excited about, looking forward to our online Phase 3 DOTCOM experience coming up this fall?
So, the most important thing I learnt IS THAT 30 young man from different parts of this world can work togegther and become very good friends and make videos and have a lot of fun. I'm sure that our work will be better in fall as now DOTCOM is a group of friends, not just participants, and FAMILY for me.

Haha, and here is my funny photo...who can guess where is DOTCOM?
I know this isn't the photo with the best quality, BUT each dotcomer in this picture is with such an interesting face!

P.S. You can find more funny photos on my Facebook page!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 days in DC!

1. What did you learn in Washington D.C. about media?

At first I learned a little English. Then I learned that teambuilding is a game, it's like game, it's importanat to find the best things in every member of the team and to use them. What about media? I think that the basic media is communication and talking with people as it's very important to know people to work with them. I've made several videos and interviews here with flip camera. It's cool. Another thing that I learned is that it's very difficult to live without internet :) Twitter is very useful tool, Web 2.0 technology. It was also very excited to visit the Newseum(museum about news). It's a great and cool place. I love it. Then NPR also was great. We went to State Departament and met various people from various project. It was great.

2. What did you learn in Washington, D.C. about your student colleagues from the other two countries?

Oh, a lot. First Americans love pets :) Then I thing everyone had a little cultural shock. And as David S. said: "the first thing that was a cultural shock for me was 1st night when all Armenian student speak Armenian." I learned a lot about American standarts as pounds, mills ect. A lot about American phone providers. And again languages. I leared languages. It's really interesting to learn some words in Azerbajani. Our Azerbajani friends joined us at last day, but I know that they are very good and smart guys. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from them during the program.

3. What has been hard or challenging about the DOTCOM program so far?

Of course there were several hard and challenging things. First again is language. It's a little difficult for me to understand and to speak English with Armenians but I try. Another thing is that our Azerbajani friends joined as at the last day and we didn't each other as well as Americans but I think this will not be a problem im future. I'm sure. Internet is a problem as I need internet and it's difficult to be without internet.

4. What has been exciting and rewarding about the DOTCOM program so far?

DOTCOM is an excellant program, and students are cool. Everything is great! I think everything our house in D.C. Our friends new and old. English everywhere, meetings, discutions, David's and Lilir's music, nice evenings, pool parties, Lenin! Of couse it was very exciting to be in Washingtom at 4 of July. Great day, great parad, flags everywhere, happy people everywhere. But however the best thing for me is to meet 20 young student from 2 other countries, to talk with them and to know them better. 20 men, 20 dotocmers.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Top Three REEL ACTION Themes

My 3 themes. It's difficult to chose top 3, because all these themes are important and should be shown. So I chose themes I want to discuss.

1. Peace/War/Conflict. I think this is the most important, difficult and serious theme and problem. Nations, men, countries have got conflicts and sometime wars. These conflicts must be and they are, but our goal in the video is to find ways, peace and right ways. Right not for one side or country, RIGHT FOR HUMANITY. Ways of win, ways of peace. It's difficult, but we need it. I think today we can do it,we can and we must!
My movie will be informative, not very long, but man who will watch it must understand and become one of people who wants peace.
I think there are a lot of problems in our communities today, but in the video we must show something about all the world and every man must see his own problem in it. We must also give an answer to our problem and our answer will help to find the right way.

2.Media. And so media. I write about this not because our program is DOTCOM or this is the easiest theme. I think that all problems and themes we are now discussing we can and we must create and share using media. And goal of our video must be to explain people that media today is the most useful and the best way to share and to present your problem, to find right answer. It's very important to show to people that to create media isn't difficult and teach them very simply(as Dr. W. teachs us :D ). It'll help us very much.
Here is a short video(slide-show) that I have created about one of types of media newspapers(here is the process of creating a newspaper).

3.Environment. The issue that is very important just today. Our world is very dirty. There are a lot of problems of environment. Our role must be to show this problems in our communitis and also global issues. Our role must be giving information about these issues and again to present our answers to the same problems.

Here is a video I've created about environment issues in Armenia.

Tigran Petrosyan

Chess is an excellant game. I love it. And as all chess players I have got fans. My greatest fan is Tigran Petrosyan. I like this big armenian chess player. He was 9-th world champion and a good man. He's a fan of many armenians and not only armenians. Today could be his 80 anniversary(if he was alive). Happy birthday to you, KING OF CHESS!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


An interesting contest "Fuze: Tell A Story Contest"! And also good chance to present our DOTCOM to the world. I 've created a presentation about DOTCOM. Here is it! Enter and vote!

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's interesting day today....

It's interesting day today! First day of SUMMER! Congratulations to everybody! I like summer, nice weather outdoors and everything is awesome! Today is Children's Day and by the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child we also are children I want to congratulate all you with this day :)(: Than today I got an interesting e-mail about DOTCOM's summer program. I'll live with Jacob(DOTCOMer from US) at Gross's Family! Great! And so I'm very happy to connect to all our participants and host families. If you've any questions, your always welcome. My Skype name is har-nick. My Facebook name is Nikolay Harutunyan. My e-mail: and/or In my blog you can find information about me and my life and my interests. Here is my autobiography . You can also read about me here. Video about me is here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Levon's birthday!

Dear Levon. Today is a great and wonderful day. TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. I congratulate you and wish many-many good and nice things, a lot of friends and happiness. And success in everything.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kyiv. Workshop.

Hey. I was very tired and busy, but now I want to share some photos from Kyiv. And about our work you can read and watch our videos here at the The week was very interesting and I got a lot of new information and knowledge about media, movie-making and other countries. And so photos.

Birthdays in DOTCOM.

Some interesting information about birthdays of our DOTCOMers. May was a month of birthdays for our Armenian DOTCOMers. Happy birthday to all our DOTCOMers! And a real surprise for me and I think for all our DOTCOMers. DO YOU KNOW THAT KATIE'S(Katie Spencer: DOTCOMer from US) BIRTHDAY AND ALSO MINE IS AT THE SAME DAY 24-th of February. It's cool,very cool and I think we'll celebrate our birthdays in DOTCOM next year. Good idea :)

Charles Aznavur

Today is a great day. Birthday of BIG ARMENIAN AND BIG MAN, of Charles Aznavur.

"Happy birthday to YOU, you are now 85, but you are young and you will be young forever. You are a GENIUS, genius of music and you are just a GOOD MAN! Everything the best to you and very-very long LIFE!!!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kiev.Video reporting workshop!

Hi. I'm in Kiev now!Everything is great. Now I'm very busy and want to show you some photos of our meeting. When I'll return I write about everything :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phase 2.My 90 second video elevator pitch!

And so our phase two.It's really interesting and attractive. I'd like it very-very-very much. I like videos.Here is mine. Maybe without any special effects and colors but I think it's nice.I'll be very happy to watch yours :) Enjoy!

Here is something about me:

"Hi,I'm Nikolay Harutyunyan or just Niko. A little about me. I live in a little country named Armenia,in a little town Nor Hachn. I'm a clever man of 15. I like my family and my country. I'm a happy man! I've got a lot of friends and I love them very much. I'm an individual man. I think that everybody must have his own opinion. I like nature, Armenia is very nice and peaceful place. It's well. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter! I like classical music and jazz. I like French and France. This is a very-very nice country and beautiful language. I have got a lot of interests. I communicate with various people and I have got knowledge about various areas of life and science. I'm like Linguine from the animation Ratatuille as Sona said several days ago. I'm an active person. I like everything interesting, attractive and new. I like fast and changable life. Now one of my interests is media. I like DOTCOM because this program gives me knowledge about media and new friends. I like make photos but not to be in them. I like internet and computers. I use a lot of Social networks. I've got many virtual friends, too. I'm a democratic and tolerant man. I know human rights and democracy. I like travelling and new countries. And I like this life and chocolate. I think it's all. See you in US. Your Niko."

I think 90 seconds is few time to present yourself, but if you can do it you are really smart man!

Thanks for attention!

Friday, May 8, 2009

DOTCOM in Kiev!

And so our DOTCOM becomes more international. Several weeks ago all Armenian and Azerbaijanian DOTCOMers get information about video reporting workshop for Russian-speaking teenagers in Ukraine. Interesting project! And I decided to apply for this program. I win and at 12th of May I'll go to Kiev for this workshop. I'll share my materials in my blog after workshop. And now the most interesting part. Why DOTCOM becomes international? Because I'll present Armenia and Samir(also from DOTCOM) will present Azerbaijan in Kiev. I think it's very good and interesting. I'll be happy to meet Samir and I think we'll create anything about DOTCOM in Kiev to present our program. And also play chess.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nice photo.

Nice photo! Thanks, Nare, for it. Who knows what is written on the paper in my hands?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Module #7

I'm very happy to work with DOTCOM.Now I've got a lot of friends here.I met many interesting and clever people in DOTCOM.

And now about this program.

DOTCOM is really good and funny program as all modules and projects are very interesting and also very informative.I think media as science is very difficult,but here we can study media easier and with fun.It's very funny keeping blogs and writing various articles.And it's very funny to understand that you are a young man of 15,but you explore now very difficult science and you do it well.

And again about media.As science it's interesting and also new.But there is nothing difficult in this program for me.Maybe because I use media a lot in my life and it's very interesting to study it for me.

A lot of my friends now know about media and DOTCOM.And they want to take part to this program.I think that it'll be well to start this program again just now.I've got an suggestion for our DOTCOM team.The program is really very interesting,but I think that it can be more modules here and each module can be only a week or about 4 days,because I think 2 weeks is very-very long time for one module.Themes for modules can be WIKIPEDIA, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE,MYSPACE,movie-making,advertisement,culture,countries ect. And another idea:DOTCOMers can create a website for all young media-makers and for people who are interested in media.Maybe "DOTCOM" will become a very big project that will help people to create a brand-new media for modern world.

And now a little laugh for you.
Maybe the vidoe is a little long,but I laugh a lot during watching it,because I like cartoons and humor.I think that if anything is really funny,I mustn't explain it.I think this movie is really funny.Enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Declaration of tolerance.

Last year several clever and tolerant young men created a declaration of tolerance. I was one of authors of this declaration. I want everybody read and remember it.


“Tolerance according to Children”


We, the worried youth considering tolerance essential for the whole humanity, admittingand respecting opinions of others and expressing ours freely, aiming to sow the seeds of tolerance in people, proclaim:

Everything can be tolerated unless it threatens the national security.

Article1. Tolerance is the basis of democracy, but everything shall be tolerated unless Human Rights are violated.

Article 2. Tolerance and respect for Human Rights shall first be developed in the family for the first institution of upbringing is the family.

Article 3. Whereas the Human Rights reflect respect for person's dignity they shall not deserve intolerant treatment.

Read all Declaration.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our live is a song.

Today a very nice and smart girl showed me an excellent clip.I like it a lot.Here is it.Listen and enjoy.
I want to show a very nice and grievous song of great musician Charles Aznavur "La Mama".And do you know that this year Charles Aznavur will become 85 years old.Big holiday for all the world.I want to congratulate this BIG MAN.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Module #5

Here is an interesting and short video.I found it suddenly,but it's a very good example for this module I think.
And so,during this video we read the word "free" and when we read it we want to get the laptop. This is video's influence to our reptilian brain.We listen nice and strong music.This is video's influence to our limbic brain.And now our neocortex brain.During the video we read text about free laptops.
And now about our main theme.
1.Symbols.At the desktop of the laptop in video we can see a logo of Asus.
2.Big lie.I think that to get a free laptop is lie.Can every man who watched this video get a free laptop?
3.Hyperbole.I think the word "free" is an example of hyperbole.
4.Simple solutions.When you watch the video you think that this free laptop is a simple solution for you.In the video you can see that for free laptop you need only write your name,email and shipping adress.It's also simple solution.
5.Rhetorical questions.In video we can see a question :"Do you want a free laptop?".This is a rhetorical question,because there are few people who don't want a free laptop I think.
6.Repetition.During all video we can see a site address: "".The repetition of the address makes you remember it and maybe use it one day.
7.Timing.This video is only 46 seconds long,but we can see there are 7 persuasive techniques here.Only 46 seconds,but great info about FREE LAPTOPS.

Maybe you notice other persuasive techniques in my video,please write about them in the comments of the post.
Thanks for attention.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

MODULE #3.Our Brains on Media.

Here is a nice video about nature.And so let's discuss it.At the beginning we see a little message to mankind.And here you use your neocortex or your thinking brain.You read and understand the massage.Than we see attractive views of nature and hear nice music.We use our limbic brain or feeling brain here.And at the end we've got a little surprise.A "BOO" affects to our reptilian brain or dinosaur brain, and we fell fear.And when video finished we make general concept about it and apprehend all video.
Thanks for attention.I hope you enjoyed the video.

Monday, February 2, 2009

DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory






                                                                                6.Video games


DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory

4.Computer.I spend a lot of time working with computers.I do a lot of various things with computer.I read books,edit pictures and videos,listen to music,watch films,play games,create and print documents,burn discs,do translations,explore new programs and OS(Windows Vista,Winsows 7) and do a lot of other things.


Now I work with Vista.Many people think Vista is bad OS,but I think it's very good and useful OS.I look to computer as a powerful tool that help me create, develop and save media.


5.Books.I can't say that I'm big fan of reading.I don't like read books that aren't interesting for me.But I like read and I read interesting and attractive books.I like reading armenian writers and also foreign writers and books.I'm big fan of "Harry Potter" book of J.K.Rowling.


I read poems and novels.I like russian literature,mostly Pushkin and Chexov.I like "Ruslan i Lusmila" and "Mciri".I likeWilliam Shakespeare from English writers.I read "King Lear","Othello","Romeo and Juliet","Hamlet" of Shakspeare.


6.Video games.I like fun and I think video games are a very good way to relax and to get fun.I very usually play video games.For example "Need for Speed","Grande There Auto","Fifa 2008","Empire Earth","War Craft" etc.


I share my games with my friends.I'm not a big fan of video games,but I like to get fun and to play moderate.Now I play "Need for Speed" and advise you it. 


7.Newspapers.I seldom read newspapers.I read local newspapers and magazines.I read "New time","Yes" ect.I think that newspapers are a traditional way of getting information about our life and community.




DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory.3.TV

I watch TV a lot.I get many information from it.I know that there are a lot of problems in our TV system in Armenia,there are a lot of uninteresting and bad programs,but there are also useful and funny programs.I watch Armenian,Russian,English and French programs by TV.I like watching news and funny programs.I usually watch CNN to know everything about world.


There are a lot of armenian programs that are funny,intellectual,interesting.I like watching TV "round tables" and discussions.Sometimes you can see me in TV news and programs.There are some interesting programs I watch regularly.



Saturday, January 31, 2009

An interesting article about strange music

There are a lot of kinds and genres of music and different people like various music.I want to talk about a genre of music that is very strange but also very interesting.It's MEDIEVAL MUSIC. Yes,till september of 2008 I hadn't heard about it,but last year I visited a great concert of the medieval music band "Xeremia" in Yerevan.I listen to medieval music with great pleasure.Here is a picture of that concert.After concert I invited the band to our town.They came and had a small concert in Nor Hadjn. 


And now what is medieval music?Mediaeval music tells us a story, that of our history. It concerns us, tells us where we come from, who we are, it identifies our cultural roots, deepens our sense of response to music and kindles our need for spirituality.Mediaeval music is fraught with powerful images associated with the ideas of dream, fantasy, conquest, the development of a fabulous and much envied architectural patrimony. The wealth of this imagery bear s witness to the timelessness of those human values produced by man's thirst for knowledge, courtly love, longing for thruth. Indeed it represents the fundamental values of the new Man, of the new Entreprise always trying to devise new ways to further communication, creation.

                                  I advise you to listen to this music.      


If medieval music interests you read about it on the official website of                                                       Xeremia band.

Friday, January 30, 2009

DOTCOM.Personal Media Inventory.2.Music

Music is an interesting way to tell about you,about that what you love.Music help me to relax and to see live in bright colors.I like play the piano,mostly Mozart and Beethoven.I study guitar.


Mostly I like to listen to good and nice music.I like classic music and French music.My great fan is Charles Aznavur.He is a genius of music.I like "Yesterday When I Was Young","Une Vie D'amour","La Bohème", "Hier Encore","Sur Ma Vie","Embrasse-moi","Ave Maria","Pour toi, Armenie" etc. of Charles Aznavur.


I like armenian and also foreign music.From armenian composers I like Aram Kachatryan,Arno Babajanyan,Ruben Hagverdyan and others.From foreingn musicians I like Shakira, Yanny, Eminem and others.


I listen to music via CDs,TV,computer but mostly I like  live performances.I've part in various concerts of different musicians.Now I listen to Charles Aznavur and I think he is a musician of all times.                       

Thursday, January 29, 2009

DOTCOM.Personal Media Inventory.1. Internet

I started my personal media inventory with “Internet”, because Internet is really my favorite media. I think that Internet includes other kinds of media(music, movies, pictures, games etc.),too. But mostly Internet is interesting for me, because I get a lot of new and attractive information from it (I think that information today is very powerful and precious).


I can find very interesting things about technologies, countries, people, nature, history, computers and simply read news and interesting articles in Internet.


There are a lot of useful websites where I visit. For example Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Mail, FaceBook, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. Internet is a very-very big network, that helps us to connect people, get information and have fan. I’m proud that I’m member of this big network,of this big family.  

                                                 What sites do YOU like?

Monday, January 26, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.My family.

And so about my family.I love my family most of all.There are 5 members in my family:my grandfather,my father,my mother,my brother and me.My grandfather is 96 years old man,but he helps us in everything.Everybody in my town knows and respects him.He was and he also is a big Man.


My father is physicist.He is an intelligent man.He love my brother and me very much and I love him,too.


My mother is the kindest and best man in all over the world.She is a teacher.She works in our school and teaches pupils of 1-4 classes. 


My brother is 13 years old.He likes music and plays the violin and the piano.He's a talented boy and a good friend.


And at last about me.I'm a familiar man.I love my family and my friends.Everywhere I remember my family,I remember that without it I cann't be a realy good man.

                                                      I love my family!    




DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.Collective work.

I think that very important part of DOTCOM program will be collective work.Today the biggest attainment for world is peace.We must do everything for peace between two countries,two nations.I've got experience of collective work.


I think work in groups is more interesting and effective.I always help people who needs help.If we have collective works,I'll do my best to be helpful for my group.   

Sunday, January 25, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.Community.

Hi.Now I want to talk about community.I live in Armenia.I like my country and my nation,but Armenia is a young country and there are a lot of thinks to change in our policy in various fields. Our country choose democracy.It's true,but it's also very difficult for our young country.


I'm a young citizen of Armenia and I'm interested in live of Armenia.Here is the problem.There are unique people who understand that democracy isn't only word,it's live,live of every citizen of country.Unique people understand that they must be interested in live of their country,that their opinion is very important,that everybody must have and say his opinion.


Today we have got a lot of problems in our community,but all this problems will resolve when we understand that our government is only construction that is created by us and that it must work only for people of that country.I'm a young boy but I think that my own opinion is also very important for our community.I've met leaders of our community and I've discussed different problems with them.For example education, economics,politics,culture etc.Some weeks ago I've met with minister of education,we've had and interesting discussion and in Febrary I'll meet with prime minister of Armenia forth time and we'll continue our discussion that we've begun in ministry of education. My big dream is to become president of my country and then I'll do my best to transform Armenia to a big and rich country. I understand that I can do it only with hard and collective work,but I'm ready for it. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge Tree.Media

We live at 21-st century.Nowdays everybody communicate and work with media.Everybody watch TV,listen music,read books and visit internet sites.This is media.


I like movies and serials.Mostly I like "Harry Potter","Pirates of the Caribbean","Supernatual" and "Prison break".


I like "Harry Potter" books,Saroyan and Pushkin.I like classic and French music,but I also listen to modern music and rock.Mostly I hear Charles Aznavur and Beethoven.I like to play video games.For example "Need for Speed","Grande There Autos" etc.


This all is media and it's very interesting for me.I'm interested not only in its content,it's very interesting its creation and editing.I try to understand everything and maybe to create my own media.For example I think this blog is also my own media.I think,if we understand media better our work in DOTCOM programm will be more attractive and effective.Here is the film about my media.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge Tree.Autobiography

I like to study everything and I have got a lot of interests, but mostly I like to study languages, because it's very interesting.I study English,Russian and French now.And I want to study Spanish and German in future.I like mathematics and chemistry too.I studied computer myself.I think that there are a lot of things I don't know,but I want to know everything.I like travelling in Armenia and in all over the world.I visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places in Armenia.I visited France in 2005 for cultural exchange.I visited a sister-town of Nor Hadjn(my native town) called Chass-sur-Rhone.I lived 2 weeks in house of armenian there and saw a lot of interesting places.



I'm member of different clubs.For example "Club of  Francophones" in my town,"Club of young politics" in Yerevan.The second one is very interesting.I'm one of 7 members of this club.We are meeting leaders of community and politics,discuss various questions and problems and find answers and outcomes,take part in round table discussions.I'm an active man, because I want to be an active man.

I go to school in my town.It isn't a big school, but it's very good school.There are about 200 puples there, I'm in 10-th grade now.I study very good and always help my friends in school and not only in school.There are 24 puples in my class.I like all subjects in school.I'm leader in my class and I often prepare various interesting projects in my class.For example I did a project about human rights.It was very interesting.

I have got a lot of passions anf dreams, but the greatest of them is to become Man,good and intelligent man,to have my profession and work,to have my place in the world.I haven't choosen my profession yet.Maybe I'll be president of our country.I'm leader and I organize well different projects.I'm an observer man and I try to study everything about everything.I'm president of the "Puple's Consul" in my school.I'm organizing a piece of Pushkin now.Last year I created a movie in my class about human rights.