Saturday, January 31, 2009

An interesting article about strange music

There are a lot of kinds and genres of music and different people like various music.I want to talk about a genre of music that is very strange but also very interesting.It's MEDIEVAL MUSIC. Yes,till september of 2008 I hadn't heard about it,but last year I visited a great concert of the medieval music band "Xeremia" in Yerevan.I listen to medieval music with great pleasure.Here is a picture of that concert.After concert I invited the band to our town.They came and had a small concert in Nor Hadjn. 


And now what is medieval music?Mediaeval music tells us a story, that of our history. It concerns us, tells us where we come from, who we are, it identifies our cultural roots, deepens our sense of response to music and kindles our need for spirituality.Mediaeval music is fraught with powerful images associated with the ideas of dream, fantasy, conquest, the development of a fabulous and much envied architectural patrimony. The wealth of this imagery bear s witness to the timelessness of those human values produced by man's thirst for knowledge, courtly love, longing for thruth. Indeed it represents the fundamental values of the new Man, of the new Entreprise always trying to devise new ways to further communication, creation.

                                  I advise you to listen to this music.      


If medieval music interests you read about it on the official website of                                                       Xeremia band.

Friday, January 30, 2009

DOTCOM.Personal Media Inventory.2.Music

Music is an interesting way to tell about you,about that what you love.Music help me to relax and to see live in bright colors.I like play the piano,mostly Mozart and Beethoven.I study guitar.


Mostly I like to listen to good and nice music.I like classic music and French music.My great fan is Charles Aznavur.He is a genius of music.I like "Yesterday When I Was Young","Une Vie D'amour","La Bohème", "Hier Encore","Sur Ma Vie","Embrasse-moi","Ave Maria","Pour toi, Armenie" etc. of Charles Aznavur.


I like armenian and also foreign music.From armenian composers I like Aram Kachatryan,Arno Babajanyan,Ruben Hagverdyan and others.From foreingn musicians I like Shakira, Yanny, Eminem and others.


I listen to music via CDs,TV,computer but mostly I like  live performances.I've part in various concerts of different musicians.Now I listen to Charles Aznavur and I think he is a musician of all times.                       

Thursday, January 29, 2009

DOTCOM.Personal Media Inventory.1. Internet

I started my personal media inventory with “Internet”, because Internet is really my favorite media. I think that Internet includes other kinds of media(music, movies, pictures, games etc.),too. But mostly Internet is interesting for me, because I get a lot of new and attractive information from it (I think that information today is very powerful and precious).


I can find very interesting things about technologies, countries, people, nature, history, computers and simply read news and interesting articles in Internet.


There are a lot of useful websites where I visit. For example Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Mail, FaceBook, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. Internet is a very-very big network, that helps us to connect people, get information and have fan. I’m proud that I’m member of this big network,of this big family.  

                                                 What sites do YOU like?

Monday, January 26, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.My family.

And so about my family.I love my family most of all.There are 5 members in my family:my grandfather,my father,my mother,my brother and me.My grandfather is 96 years old man,but he helps us in everything.Everybody in my town knows and respects him.He was and he also is a big Man.


My father is physicist.He is an intelligent man.He love my brother and me very much and I love him,too.


My mother is the kindest and best man in all over the world.She is a teacher.She works in our school and teaches pupils of 1-4 classes. 


My brother is 13 years old.He likes music and plays the violin and the piano.He's a talented boy and a good friend.


And at last about me.I'm a familiar man.I love my family and my friends.Everywhere I remember my family,I remember that without it I cann't be a realy good man.

                                                      I love my family!    




DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.Collective work.

I think that very important part of DOTCOM program will be collective work.Today the biggest attainment for world is peace.We must do everything for peace between two countries,two nations.I've got experience of collective work.


I think work in groups is more interesting and effective.I always help people who needs help.If we have collective works,I'll do my best to be helpful for my group.   

Sunday, January 25, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.Community.

Hi.Now I want to talk about community.I live in Armenia.I like my country and my nation,but Armenia is a young country and there are a lot of thinks to change in our policy in various fields. Our country choose democracy.It's true,but it's also very difficult for our young country.


I'm a young citizen of Armenia and I'm interested in live of Armenia.Here is the problem.There are unique people who understand that democracy isn't only word,it's live,live of every citizen of country.Unique people understand that they must be interested in live of their country,that their opinion is very important,that everybody must have and say his opinion.


Today we have got a lot of problems in our community,but all this problems will resolve when we understand that our government is only construction that is created by us and that it must work only for people of that country.I'm a young boy but I think that my own opinion is also very important for our community.I've met leaders of our community and I've discussed different problems with them.For example education, economics,politics,culture etc.Some weeks ago I've met with minister of education,we've had and interesting discussion and in Febrary I'll meet with prime minister of Armenia forth time and we'll continue our discussion that we've begun in ministry of education. My big dream is to become president of my country and then I'll do my best to transform Armenia to a big and rich country. I understand that I can do it only with hard and collective work,but I'm ready for it. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge Tree.Media

We live at 21-st century.Nowdays everybody communicate and work with media.Everybody watch TV,listen music,read books and visit internet sites.This is media.


I like movies and serials.Mostly I like "Harry Potter","Pirates of the Caribbean","Supernatual" and "Prison break".


I like "Harry Potter" books,Saroyan and Pushkin.I like classic and French music,but I also listen to modern music and rock.Mostly I hear Charles Aznavur and Beethoven.I like to play video games.For example "Need for Speed","Grande There Autos" etc.


This all is media and it's very interesting for me.I'm interested not only in its content,it's very interesting its creation and editing.I try to understand everything and maybe to create my own media.For example I think this blog is also my own media.I think,if we understand media better our work in DOTCOM programm will be more attractive and effective.Here is the film about my media.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge Tree.Autobiography

I like to study everything and I have got a lot of interests, but mostly I like to study languages, because it's very interesting.I study English,Russian and French now.And I want to study Spanish and German in future.I like mathematics and chemistry too.I studied computer myself.I think that there are a lot of things I don't know,but I want to know everything.I like travelling in Armenia and in all over the world.I visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places in Armenia.I visited France in 2005 for cultural exchange.I visited a sister-town of Nor Hadjn(my native town) called Chass-sur-Rhone.I lived 2 weeks in house of armenian there and saw a lot of interesting places.



I'm member of different clubs.For example "Club of  Francophones" in my town,"Club of young politics" in Yerevan.The second one is very interesting.I'm one of 7 members of this club.We are meeting leaders of community and politics,discuss various questions and problems and find answers and outcomes,take part in round table discussions.I'm an active man, because I want to be an active man.

I go to school in my town.It isn't a big school, but it's very good school.There are about 200 puples there, I'm in 10-th grade now.I study very good and always help my friends in school and not only in school.There are 24 puples in my class.I like all subjects in school.I'm leader in my class and I often prepare various interesting projects in my class.For example I did a project about human rights.It was very interesting.

I have got a lot of passions anf dreams, but the greatest of them is to become Man,good and intelligent man,to have my profession and work,to have my place in the world.I haven't choosen my profession yet.Maybe I'll be president of our country.I'm leader and I organize well different projects.I'm an observer man and I try to study everything about everything.I'm president of the "Puple's Consul" in my school.I'm organizing a piece of Pushkin now.Last year I created a movie in my class about human rights.



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DOTCOM.First meeting

Today we met all 34 armenian participants of DOTCOM.Good meeting.We made acquaintance. There were a lot of intelligent and interesting men.

I hope we'll work well together.Now we must create our blogs and "Knowledge trees".Let be free and write interesting things.Good luck to everybody!

DOTCOM.Knowledge Tree.I am....

                                                And so 

                                     about me. Who am I?

                                I’m a young man of 14 years.

                         I’m from Armenia , from a small town

                near Yerevan called Nor Hadjn. It’s a very small,

       but nice and beautiful town with little houses and kind men.

      There are 4 schools(I go to the school №2), an art school, a

    hospital, a lot of shops etc. I live in the center of our town.I have

                       got a lot of various and interesting hobbies.

                                             For example 

                                            chess, movies,

                                            music, poetry,  

       computer, internet, sport, art, economics, politics and others.  

Armenian dances

Armenian dances are very beautiful and attractive.

They are also very old and have got a long history.

Armenian dances show armenian history.

There are a lot of armenian dancers in all over the world.

One of populars is Sofi Devoyan.In Armenian she has got 

a dance school.Every armenian knows national dances.

For example qochary,shoror and others.

Sunday, January 18, 2009