Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Hi.Now I want to talk about community.I live in Armenia.I like my country and my nation,but Armenia is a young country and there are a lot of thinks to change in our policy in various fields. Our country choose democracy.It's true,but it's also very difficult for our young country.


I'm a young citizen of Armenia and I'm interested in live of Armenia.Here is the problem.There are unique people who understand that democracy isn't only word,it's live,live of every citizen of country.Unique people understand that they must be interested in live of their country,that their opinion is very important,that everybody must have and say his opinion.


Today we have got a lot of problems in our community,but all this problems will resolve when we understand that our government is only construction that is created by us and that it must work only for people of that country.I'm a young boy but I think that my own opinion is also very important for our community.I've met leaders of our community and I've discussed different problems with them.For example education, economics,politics,culture etc.Some weeks ago I've met with minister of education,we've had and interesting discussion and in Febrary I'll meet with prime minister of Armenia forth time and we'll continue our discussion that we've begun in ministry of education. My big dream is to become president of my country and then I'll do my best to transform Armenia to a big and rich country. I understand that I can do it only with hard and collective work,but I'm ready for it. 

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  1. You dream big, Nikolay!

    These photos are wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing them - your opinion does indeed matter!

    Dr. W