Monday, January 26, 2009

DOTCOM.Knowledge tree.My family.

And so about my family.I love my family most of all.There are 5 members in my family:my grandfather,my father,my mother,my brother and me.My grandfather is 96 years old man,but he helps us in everything.Everybody in my town knows and respects him.He was and he also is a big Man.


My father is physicist.He is an intelligent man.He love my brother and me very much and I love him,too.


My mother is the kindest and best man in all over the world.She is a teacher.She works in our school and teaches pupils of 1-4 classes. 


My brother is 13 years old.He likes music and plays the violin and the piano.He's a talented boy and a good friend.


And at last about me.I'm a familiar man.I love my family and my friends.Everywhere I remember my family,I remember that without it I cann't be a realy good man.

                                                      I love my family!    




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