Thursday, January 29, 2009

DOTCOM.Personal Media Inventory.1. Internet

I started my personal media inventory with “Internet”, because Internet is really my favorite media. I think that Internet includes other kinds of media(music, movies, pictures, games etc.),too. But mostly Internet is interesting for me, because I get a lot of new and attractive information from it (I think that information today is very powerful and precious).


I can find very interesting things about technologies, countries, people, nature, history, computers and simply read news and interesting articles in Internet.


There are a lot of useful websites where I visit. For example Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Mail, FaceBook, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. Internet is a very-very big network, that helps us to connect people, get information and have fan. I’m proud that I’m member of this big network,of this big family.  

                                                 What sites do YOU like?

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