Friday, January 30, 2009

DOTCOM.Personal Media Inventory.2.Music

Music is an interesting way to tell about you,about that what you love.Music help me to relax and to see live in bright colors.I like play the piano,mostly Mozart and Beethoven.I study guitar.


Mostly I like to listen to good and nice music.I like classic music and French music.My great fan is Charles Aznavur.He is a genius of music.I like "Yesterday When I Was Young","Une Vie D'amour","La Bohème", "Hier Encore","Sur Ma Vie","Embrasse-moi","Ave Maria","Pour toi, Armenie" etc. of Charles Aznavur.


I like armenian and also foreign music.From armenian composers I like Aram Kachatryan,Arno Babajanyan,Ruben Hagverdyan and others.From foreingn musicians I like Shakira, Yanny, Eminem and others.


I listen to music via CDs,TV,computer but mostly I like  live performances.I've part in various concerts of different musicians.Now I listen to Charles Aznavur and I think he is a musician of all times.                       

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  1. Niko -

    Wonderful music meditations here - and you leverage your YouTube video files quite well.

    Take note, everyone! (No pun intended).


    Dr. W