Saturday, January 31, 2009

An interesting article about strange music

There are a lot of kinds and genres of music and different people like various music.I want to talk about a genre of music that is very strange but also very interesting.It's MEDIEVAL MUSIC. Yes,till september of 2008 I hadn't heard about it,but last year I visited a great concert of the medieval music band "Xeremia" in Yerevan.I listen to medieval music with great pleasure.Here is a picture of that concert.After concert I invited the band to our town.They came and had a small concert in Nor Hadjn. 


And now what is medieval music?Mediaeval music tells us a story, that of our history. It concerns us, tells us where we come from, who we are, it identifies our cultural roots, deepens our sense of response to music and kindles our need for spirituality.Mediaeval music is fraught with powerful images associated with the ideas of dream, fantasy, conquest, the development of a fabulous and much envied architectural patrimony. The wealth of this imagery bear s witness to the timelessness of those human values produced by man's thirst for knowledge, courtly love, longing for thruth. Indeed it represents the fundamental values of the new Man, of the new Entreprise always trying to devise new ways to further communication, creation.

                                  I advise you to listen to this music.      


If medieval music interests you read about it on the official website of                                                       Xeremia band.

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