Monday, February 2, 2009

DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory






                                                                                6.Video games


DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory

4.Computer.I spend a lot of time working with computers.I do a lot of various things with computer.I read books,edit pictures and videos,listen to music,watch films,play games,create and print documents,burn discs,do translations,explore new programs and OS(Windows Vista,Winsows 7) and do a lot of other things.


Now I work with Vista.Many people think Vista is bad OS,but I think it's very good and useful OS.I look to computer as a powerful tool that help me create, develop and save media.


5.Books.I can't say that I'm big fan of reading.I don't like read books that aren't interesting for me.But I like read and I read interesting and attractive books.I like reading armenian writers and also foreign writers and books.I'm big fan of "Harry Potter" book of J.K.Rowling.


I read poems and novels.I like russian literature,mostly Pushkin and Chexov.I like "Ruslan i Lusmila" and "Mciri".I likeWilliam Shakespeare from English writers.I read "King Lear","Othello","Romeo and Juliet","Hamlet" of Shakspeare.


6.Video games.I like fun and I think video games are a very good way to relax and to get fun.I very usually play video games.For example "Need for Speed","Grande There Auto","Fifa 2008","Empire Earth","War Craft" etc.


I share my games with my friends.I'm not a big fan of video games,but I like to get fun and to play moderate.Now I play "Need for Speed" and advise you it. 


7.Newspapers.I seldom read newspapers.I read local newspapers and magazines.I read "New time","Yes" ect.I think that newspapers are a traditional way of getting information about our life and community.




DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory.3.TV

I watch TV a lot.I get many information from it.I know that there are a lot of problems in our TV system in Armenia,there are a lot of uninteresting and bad programs,but there are also useful and funny programs.I watch Armenian,Russian,English and French programs by TV.I like watching news and funny programs.I usually watch CNN to know everything about world.


There are a lot of armenian programs that are funny,intellectual,interesting.I like watching TV "round tables" and discussions.Sometimes you can see me in TV news and programs.There are some interesting programs I watch regularly.