Monday, February 2, 2009

DOTCOM.My Personal Media Inventory

4.Computer.I spend a lot of time working with computers.I do a lot of various things with computer.I read books,edit pictures and videos,listen to music,watch films,play games,create and print documents,burn discs,do translations,explore new programs and OS(Windows Vista,Winsows 7) and do a lot of other things.


Now I work with Vista.Many people think Vista is bad OS,but I think it's very good and useful OS.I look to computer as a powerful tool that help me create, develop and save media.


5.Books.I can't say that I'm big fan of reading.I don't like read books that aren't interesting for me.But I like read and I read interesting and attractive books.I like reading armenian writers and also foreign writers and books.I'm big fan of "Harry Potter" book of J.K.Rowling.


I read poems and novels.I like russian literature,mostly Pushkin and Chexov.I like "Ruslan i Lusmila" and "Mciri".I likeWilliam Shakespeare from English writers.I read "King Lear","Othello","Romeo and Juliet","Hamlet" of Shakspeare.


6.Video games.I like fun and I think video games are a very good way to relax and to get fun.I very usually play video games.For example "Need for Speed","Grande There Auto","Fifa 2008","Empire Earth","War Craft" etc.


I share my games with my friends.I'm not a big fan of video games,but I like to get fun and to play moderate.Now I play "Need for Speed" and advise you it. 


7.Newspapers.I seldom read newspapers.I read local newspapers and magazines.I read "New time","Yes" ect.I think that newspapers are a traditional way of getting information about our life and community.




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  1. I am enjoying your personal media inventory, Niko.

    I find it interesting that you read poetry, but seem not to engage books so much...

    Fine work here!


    Dr. W