Sunday, March 29, 2009

Declaration of tolerance.

Last year several clever and tolerant young men created a declaration of tolerance. I was one of authors of this declaration. I want everybody read and remember it.


“Tolerance according to Children”


We, the worried youth considering tolerance essential for the whole humanity, admittingand respecting opinions of others and expressing ours freely, aiming to sow the seeds of tolerance in people, proclaim:

Everything can be tolerated unless it threatens the national security.

Article1. Tolerance is the basis of democracy, but everything shall be tolerated unless Human Rights are violated.

Article 2. Tolerance and respect for Human Rights shall first be developed in the family for the first institution of upbringing is the family.

Article 3. Whereas the Human Rights reflect respect for person's dignity they shall not deserve intolerant treatment.

Read all Declaration.


  1. Hi Nick.It is very nice that you have put our declaration,I think participants will enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't you want to put our picture how we were reading it at the tolerance day.

  2. If you want,send it me and I'll put it here.

  3. Clever boy!!!it's great,your own created declaration of tolerance.