Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Module #5

Here is an interesting and short video.I found it suddenly,but it's a very good example for this module I think.
And so,during this video we read the word "free" and when we read it we want to get the laptop. This is video's influence to our reptilian brain.We listen nice and strong music.This is video's influence to our limbic brain.And now our neocortex brain.During the video we read text about free laptops.
And now about our main theme.
1.Symbols.At the desktop of the laptop in video we can see a logo of Asus.
2.Big lie.I think that to get a free laptop is lie.Can every man who watched this video get a free laptop?
3.Hyperbole.I think the word "free" is an example of hyperbole.
4.Simple solutions.When you watch the video you think that this free laptop is a simple solution for you.In the video you can see that for free laptop you need only write your name,email and shipping adress.It's also simple solution.
5.Rhetorical questions.In video we can see a question :"Do you want a free laptop?".This is a rhetorical question,because there are few people who don't want a free laptop I think.
6.Repetition.During all video we can see a site address: "".The repetition of the address makes you remember it and maybe use it one day.
7.Timing.This video is only 46 seconds long,but we can see there are 7 persuasive techniques here.Only 46 seconds,but great info about FREE LAPTOPS.

Maybe you notice other persuasive techniques in my video,please write about them in the comments of the post.
Thanks for attention.


  1. Great work Nik!!!!I really like the way you work.

  2. Nikolay,

    I agree with Lusine here - you have applied our techniques quite well, my friend...

    Now, start using them in your own work, and become more powerful!


    Dr. W

  3. It's very good, that your video is very short, but very smart.You vork very cleverly.

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  5. Hi NIko!!! good work!!! I'm agree with you about BIIIIIIIG LIE.