Friday, April 10, 2009

Module #7

I'm very happy to work with DOTCOM.Now I've got a lot of friends here.I met many interesting and clever people in DOTCOM.

And now about this program.

DOTCOM is really good and funny program as all modules and projects are very interesting and also very informative.I think media as science is very difficult,but here we can study media easier and with fun.It's very funny keeping blogs and writing various articles.And it's very funny to understand that you are a young man of 15,but you explore now very difficult science and you do it well.

And again about media.As science it's interesting and also new.But there is nothing difficult in this program for me.Maybe because I use media a lot in my life and it's very interesting to study it for me.

A lot of my friends now know about media and DOTCOM.And they want to take part to this program.I think that it'll be well to start this program again just now.I've got an suggestion for our DOTCOM team.The program is really very interesting,but I think that it can be more modules here and each module can be only a week or about 4 days,because I think 2 weeks is very-very long time for one module.Themes for modules can be WIKIPEDIA, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE,MYSPACE,movie-making,advertisement,culture,countries ect. And another idea:DOTCOMers can create a website for all young media-makers and for people who are interested in media.Maybe "DOTCOM" will become a very big project that will help people to create a brand-new media for modern world.

And now a little laugh for you.
Maybe the vidoe is a little long,but I laugh a lot during watching it,because I like cartoons and humor.I think that if anything is really funny,I mustn't explain it.I think this movie is really funny.Enjoy!