Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Levon's birthday!

Dear Levon. Today is a great and wonderful day. TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. I congratulate you and wish many-many good and nice things, a lot of friends and happiness. And success in everything.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kyiv. Workshop.

Hey. I was very tired and busy, but now I want to share some photos from Kyiv. And about our work you can read and watch our videos here at the http://global-pulse.org/kyiv. The week was very interesting and I got a lot of new information and knowledge about media, movie-making and other countries. And so photos.

Birthdays in DOTCOM.

Some interesting information about birthdays of our DOTCOMers. May was a month of birthdays for our Armenian DOTCOMers. Happy birthday to all our DOTCOMers! And a real surprise for me and I think for all our DOTCOMers. DO YOU KNOW THAT KATIE'S(Katie Spencer: DOTCOMer from US) BIRTHDAY AND ALSO MINE IS AT THE SAME DAY 24-th of February. It's cool,very cool and I think we'll celebrate our birthdays in DOTCOM next year. Good idea :)

Charles Aznavur

Today is a great day. Birthday of BIG ARMENIAN AND BIG MAN, of Charles Aznavur.

"Happy birthday to YOU, you are now 85, but you are young and you will be young forever. You are a GENIUS, genius of music and you are just a GOOD MAN! Everything the best to you and very-very long LIFE!!!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kiev.Video reporting workshop!

Hi. I'm in Kiev now!Everything is great. Now I'm very busy and want to show you some photos of our meeting. When I'll return I write about everything :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phase 2.My 90 second video elevator pitch!

And so our phase two.It's really interesting and attractive. I'd like it very-very-very much. I like videos.Here is mine. Maybe without any special effects and colors but I think it's nice.I'll be very happy to watch yours :) Enjoy!

Here is something about me:

"Hi,I'm Nikolay Harutyunyan or just Niko. A little about me. I live in a little country named Armenia,in a little town Nor Hachn. I'm a clever man of 15. I like my family and my country. I'm a happy man! I've got a lot of friends and I love them very much. I'm an individual man. I think that everybody must have his own opinion. I like nature, Armenia is very nice and peaceful place. It's well. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter! I like classical music and jazz. I like French and France. This is a very-very nice country and beautiful language. I have got a lot of interests. I communicate with various people and I have got knowledge about various areas of life and science. I'm like Linguine from the animation Ratatuille as Sona said several days ago. I'm an active person. I like everything interesting, attractive and new. I like fast and changable life. Now one of my interests is media. I like DOTCOM because this program gives me knowledge about media and new friends. I like make photos but not to be in them. I like internet and computers. I use a lot of Social networks. I've got many virtual friends, too. I'm a democratic and tolerant man. I know human rights and democracy. I like travelling and new countries. And I like this life and chocolate. I think it's all. See you in US. Your Niko."

I think 90 seconds is few time to present yourself, but if you can do it you are really smart man!

Thanks for attention!

Friday, May 8, 2009

DOTCOM in Kiev!

And so our DOTCOM becomes more international. Several weeks ago all Armenian and Azerbaijanian DOTCOMers get information about video reporting workshop for Russian-speaking teenagers in Ukraine. Interesting project! And I decided to apply for this program. I win and at 12th of May I'll go to Kiev for this workshop. I'll share my materials in my blog after workshop. And now the most interesting part. Why DOTCOM becomes international? Because I'll present Armenia and Samir(also from DOTCOM) will present Azerbaijan in Kiev. I think it's very good and interesting. I'll be happy to meet Samir and I think we'll create anything about DOTCOM in Kiev to present our program. And also play chess.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nice photo.

Nice photo! Thanks, Nare, for it. Who knows what is written on the paper in my hands?