Friday, May 8, 2009

DOTCOM in Kiev!

And so our DOTCOM becomes more international. Several weeks ago all Armenian and Azerbaijanian DOTCOMers get information about video reporting workshop for Russian-speaking teenagers in Ukraine. Interesting project! And I decided to apply for this program. I win and at 12th of May I'll go to Kiev for this workshop. I'll share my materials in my blog after workshop. And now the most interesting part. Why DOTCOM becomes international? Because I'll present Armenia and Samir(also from DOTCOM) will present Azerbaijan in Kiev. I think it's very good and interesting. I'll be happy to meet Samir and I think we'll create anything about DOTCOM in Kiev to present our program. And also play chess.


  1. This is wonderful news, Niko.

    Play some chess for me, and keep spreading the good word about DOTCOM.

    Dr. W

  2. Of course,Dr.W. I've have got some ideas :)