Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Top Three REEL ACTION Themes

My 3 themes. It's difficult to chose top 3, because all these themes are important and should be shown. So I chose themes I want to discuss.

1. Peace/War/Conflict. I think this is the most important, difficult and serious theme and problem. Nations, men, countries have got conflicts and sometime wars. These conflicts must be and they are, but our goal in the video is to find ways, peace and right ways. Right not for one side or country, RIGHT FOR HUMANITY. Ways of win, ways of peace. It's difficult, but we need it. I think today we can do it,we can and we must!
My movie will be informative, not very long, but man who will watch it must understand and become one of people who wants peace.
I think there are a lot of problems in our communities today, but in the video we must show something about all the world and every man must see his own problem in it. We must also give an answer to our problem and our answer will help to find the right way.

2.Media. And so media. I write about this not because our program is DOTCOM or this is the easiest theme. I think that all problems and themes we are now discussing we can and we must create and share using media. And goal of our video must be to explain people that media today is the most useful and the best way to share and to present your problem, to find right answer. It's very important to show to people that to create media isn't difficult and teach them very simply(as Dr. W. teachs us :D ). It'll help us very much.
Here is a short video(slide-show) that I have created about one of types of media newspapers(here is the process of creating a newspaper).

3.Environment. The issue that is very important just today. Our world is very dirty. There are a lot of problems of environment. Our role must be to show this problems in our communitis and also global issues. Our role must be giving information about these issues and again to present our answers to the same problems.

Here is a video I've created about environment issues in Armenia.


  1. Hi Nick, great job, you are really hard-working..I admire your talent..CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    You have spoken about very important issues, wait for mine, it won't be late...Bye-bye...

  2. Thanks Lil, thanks very much. I wait for your :) I'm sure it'll be very interesting.

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  4. It's very interesting!!!!!I like the videos very much!!!And I like your ideas about that issues!!!Good work!!!!))))

  5. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for posting your top three film themes.

    We'll assemble the groups next week and get back to you.


    Dr. W