Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 days in DC!

1. What did you learn in Washington D.C. about media?

At first I learned a little English. Then I learned that teambuilding is a game, it's like game, it's importanat to find the best things in every member of the team and to use them. What about media? I think that the basic media is communication and talking with people as it's very important to know people to work with them. I've made several videos and interviews here with flip camera. It's cool. Another thing that I learned is that it's very difficult to live without internet :) Twitter is very useful tool, Web 2.0 technology. It was also very excited to visit the Newseum(museum about news). It's a great and cool place. I love it. Then NPR also was great. We went to State Departament and met various people from various project. It was great.

2. What did you learn in Washington, D.C. about your student colleagues from the other two countries?

Oh, a lot. First Americans love pets :) Then I thing everyone had a little cultural shock. And as David S. said: "the first thing that was a cultural shock for me was 1st night when all Armenian student speak Armenian." I learned a lot about American standarts as pounds, mills ect. A lot about American phone providers. And again languages. I leared languages. It's really interesting to learn some words in Azerbajani. Our Azerbajani friends joined us at last day, but I know that they are very good and smart guys. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from them during the program.

3. What has been hard or challenging about the DOTCOM program so far?

Of course there were several hard and challenging things. First again is language. It's a little difficult for me to understand and to speak English with Armenians but I try. Another thing is that our Azerbajani friends joined as at the last day and we didn't each other as well as Americans but I think this will not be a problem im future. I'm sure. Internet is a problem as I need internet and it's difficult to be without internet.

4. What has been exciting and rewarding about the DOTCOM program so far?

DOTCOM is an excellant program, and students are cool. Everything is great! I think everything our house in D.C. Our friends new and old. English everywhere, meetings, discutions, David's and Lilir's music, nice evenings, pool parties, Lenin! Of couse it was very exciting to be in Washingtom at 4 of July. Great day, great parad, flags everywhere, happy people everywhere. But however the best thing for me is to meet 20 young student from 2 other countries, to talk with them and to know them better. 20 men, 20 dotocmers.



  1. Thanks for keeping the good memories and all the videos and tweets Niko!!

  2. This is a wonderful reflection, Niko.

    Funny, wise, thoughtful - cross-cultural work is difficult and challenging.

    We'll have more challenges and triumphs ahead, I am sure.

    And where was Lenin the Rubber Chicken today? I missed him. Ha ha.


    See you tomorrow!

    Dr. W