Friday, August 28, 2009

Module #1: Some nice memories...

MISS YOU...these are the only word I can use to start writing about DOTCOM...

So now my answers, however at least I learnt a bit of English...But seriously, now remember our day in Vermont every day and I miss everything, our work and school, film, Metraux, Snowball, everything...

1. What proved the most challenging part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?
It's good question, I cannot say that movie making was difficult for me(maybe because of Tessa's help). The most challenging thing was to be awake first day in US. Haha, but seriously I think there weren't anything challenging, everything was easy with DOTCOM, because of help of each dotcomer. I don't know, maybe communication to other dotcomers at first days, but everything was great!

2. What proved the most rewarding part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?
I can say "the film night" now and it was, because then you see that people like the work you did it's really very plesant...but all the program, each metting and discussion, each day in school or at home was special in it's own way and all the time was very rewarding.

3. What proved the most fun part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?
The most fun part was, was hand-shake...hahahaha, it was great! All program was funny, very funny, of course each day with David and Jacob was great...miss you guys!

4. What are you most excited about, looking forward to our online Phase 3 DOTCOM experience coming up this fall?
So, the most important thing I learnt IS THAT 30 young man from different parts of this world can work togegther and become very good friends and make videos and have a lot of fun. I'm sure that our work will be better in fall as now DOTCOM is a group of friends, not just participants, and FAMILY for me.

Haha, and here is my funny photo...who can guess where is DOTCOM?
I know this isn't the photo with the best quality, BUT each dotcomer in this picture is with such an interesting face!

P.S. You can find more funny photos on my Facebook page!!!


  1. Hey Niko... I remember this day and feelings when I couldn't believe my eyes,when each of us was surprised,but I will not say where we were :P

  2. This is a wonderful reflection, Niko - and I love the photo...ha ha!

    We miss you here, too - but let's get our head back in the DOTCOM experience and enjoy our online fall together...


    Dr. W

  3. Great picture Niko, I miss you, and everyone else!

  4. thanx...ah, I miss you so much!!!