Sunday, September 27, 2009

DOTCOM Phase #3, Module 2 - Exploring REEL BAD ARABS

So, arabs! The first thing on my mind is and an ancient and smart people, caravans, deserts, fairytales, palaces and chess. Many things :-) So why? Because arabs are very ancient nation, with great history. And all we use arabic numbers now. I read and heard a lot of stories and fairytales about arabs and beautiful palaces and people. And finally "chess", because arabian countries are one of the firsts where chess became popular.
Now about "Bad arabs". I watched the film for 4-5 times and each time I saw it, I've found something new. I mean, this is a powerful movie and it's very interesting to analize it.


1. REPTILIAN (instinctual). So at the begining the arabic nice music makes me remember fairytales about arabs and I imagine a big palace and a desert, the I heard the word "arab", and remembered everything about arabs. Then I heard and saw shooting people and I feared a bit. Then I heard the word "mythology" and it makes me feel something mythically and I saw "Aladin", I remembered it from childhood. And then at the end I saw credits and a name "Dr. Jack Shaheen" and I remembered our Shahen :-)

2. FEELING (limbic). From the begining the arabian music and pictures of arabs made a coloring of ancient arabs and mythology. Then I saw the talking man. He spoke about stereotypes and arabs. Then I heard and saw shooting people and then arabs like a characters in different movies. That make me to think more about arabs. And then part from "Aladin" and a song from it, which was about bad sides of arabs. And at the end I heard arabic music again and saw arabic children and thought:"Are these arabs really bad? Or maybe this is just stereotype?".

3. THINKING (neo-cortex) brains. I wrote some thing about neo-cortex above. So at the begining I read "A media foundation prodaction". And thought about media and then title: "Reel bad arabs. Hollywood vilifies a people." and also I heard about stereotypes. All these made me think about stereotypes I have, and stereotypes about arabs. I thought: "Yeah, really, media, Disney manipulate people and make stereotypes". Then the author talks about "Back to the future" and the idea that this film isn't about future, it's about past was interesting. And at the end the man said: "I am optimist! The stereotypes will change..." And I understood the idea of the film, yeah arabs aren't bad, this is just a stereotype.

2. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES. I think this a well-made video. The music at the begining and at the end is good. There is a man-author who talks all the time and his voice is very well. Then there are a lot of parts from various movies there and filmmakers did good editing.

3. PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES. So there are a lot of techniques there, but here are 3. Hyperball- during all film filmmakers use this, they shown arabs like very very bad people. Testimonial- "Alladin" is a very famous movie. And filmmakers used it like an example of a media about arabs. Big lie- lie however is a part of stereotypes, the biggest part, the film was about stereotypes, they used also big lie. And also there were a lot of nice pictures and videos adn music in the movie.

4. SUGGESTIONS. I think that filmmakers might use more interviews. This might help to show the problem of stereotypes better.

5. I recommend this film for viewing with friend and just with people because I think stereotypes are a problem and must fight against it. And again media can help us in this fight.

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  1. Excellent wisdom here, Niko.

    You had a whole bunch of initial impression when you considered the word "Arab" - I am not surprised.


    And the whole film is 40 minutes long - indeed, the filmmaker includes many more interviews - a fine suggestion.

    Are you fired up for our next short video project, brother?

    Let's rock 'em.


    Go Niko!