Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mobile eyes. Mania of games.

Here is video made by Lilit and me. The actor is Lilit's brother. I know this isn't the best film, but however I think it's ok. The film is about harm of video games and children. Children are our future and we must think about their health. Video games, mania of video games is a really important issue today.


  1. Hi Lilit and Niko,

    You've crafted a provocative MOBILE EYES video for public health focus here.

    (Lilit's little brother should win an Oscar - he's very convincing.)

    Your web site at the end should NOT be a "bit ly" link, but rather a full URL, and please edit so that it stays on the screen just a bit longer, as it is hard to read.

    Finish strong, Lilit and Niko!


    Dr. W

  2. I edited the film! I think it's ok now.